A new milestone in Eastern Central Europe at Leica Geosystems


I strongly believe that our customers’ satisfaction is just partly based on our solutions. People, the organization, and services are also the key part of success. That is why we are happy to announce the establishment of Eastern Central European (ECE) Center settled in Budapest, Hungary to provide shared business services to ECE North and ECE South countries. What are these services, what are the new developments?

  • Extended, highly qualified staff. Leica Geosystems is one of the industry leaders regarding the pace and diversity of innovations. However, our tenacity to maintain quality requires working with focused and dedicated professionals that are able to turn these innovations into value for our users. As a result of this development, we can provide specialized regional level support to our Distribution Partners (regionally) and Customers (locally) in machine control, 3D point cloud applications (laser scanning, mobile mapping, UAV), geomatics and marketing.
  • Implementation of digital marketing. Listening to our customers is crucial. Communication with our customers is essential. To carry out all these in an effective and quality way it is inevitable to apply the widely used channels and methods like blogs, social media, smartphone apps and state of the art customer relationship management systems.
  • The number of innovations and user segments is growing. Therefore it is necessary to clearly explain what our solutions’ features, benefit, values are by regular trainings to both our Distribution Partners and Customers. Our vision is to provide both the most modern e-leraning trainings and local small group conventional ones as well.
  • Technical Service to save our Customer’s investments into our high technologies it is unquestionable to provide technical services and customer care packages.
  • The material framework of the above capacities is our new regional office that is now under construction.

I hope by all these developments we can deliver further values to our Customers and Distribution Partners in ECE region.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Gombás
Regional Manager