Capturing reality on Swiss Business Day with BLK360

This fall the Swiss Business Day took place in the Castle Garden.  This event is held every two years where Swiss-related businesses and institutes open the door to team building and sharing experiences. On the conference themed Innovation and Talent, naturally, Leica Geosystems Hungary took part with interactive presentations and an exhibition of instruments. The ...


GPS 2.0. – A real innovation in satellite positioning (Part 2)

In the previous post, we have introduced the challenges impacting network RTK GNSS surveying applications: Coordinates that are precise down to inches/centimeters are available for the user even within buildings or sites with limited sky visibility. The system keeps working properly in urban environments and within buildings, both are typical high multipath environments. The number ...


GPS 2.0. – A real innovation in satellite positioning (Part 1)

We have been witnessing a great improvement curve in satellite positioning in the last decades. The increasing number of satellites, shrinking hardware, smarter software and affordable prices have resulted in GNSS technology with RTK precision becoming a crucial, if not the most important tool in a surveyor’s toolbox. The time might not be far when ...


The accuracy of Leica SmartLink and SmartLink Fill – a field test’s results

The Network RTK precise positioning method is one of the most widely used one in surveying practice. To gain the cm accuracy is based on a kind of „cooperation” of independent sub-systems like the GNSS satellite segment, the RTK base station network operator, the mobile telecommunication service provider and finally the rover producer. This set-up, ...


Virtual reality and 3D point cloud technology

It is widely known that 3D point cloud technology is a fantastic and effective way of spatial data acquisition. Regarding the applications the opportunities are extensive, yet the basic demand normally is to derive some „traditional” mapping products like 2D plans, elevations, sections, profiles, etc. – a kind of static imagination of reality. In addition, ...


A new milestone in Eastern Central Europe at Leica Geosystems

I strongly believe that our customers’ satisfaction is just partly based on our solutions. People, the organization, and services are also the key part of success. That is why we are happy to announce the establishment of Eastern Central European (ECE) Center settled in Budapest, Hungary to provide shared business services to ECE North and ...

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